Casino Winnings: Can a Casino Hold Your Winnings?

There are many reasons why a person gambles. It might be because they love playing casino games and enjoy the thrill of betting, or they might want to profit from it. Whichever the case, players should be aware that gambling is risky as it involves real money. Scam sites are everywhere, so we have to wonder – can legitimate licensed casinos hold players’ winnings and refuse to pay out?

Legitimate online casinos will (almost) never put you in an unfortunate position. Yes, they are businesses looking to keep making money, but they are also online operators who prioritise paying out their customers.

But, what happens if – for some reason – a casino can’t pay your casino winnings? What do we do, and who do we turn to? Such cases aren’t as rare as you think, as some legitimate casinos hold players’ winnings for extended periods of time.

Let’s see why a legitimate casino might even hold your winnings in the first place, then discuss options and steps that come next.

Why Casinos Don’t Pay Out

There are several reasons why gambling platforms refuse to pay out your casino winnings: the casino operator can’t pay the amount, or they don’t want to.

Here are a few reasons why online casinos can’t or won’t pay.

System Failure

Online casinos depend on AI to work on their system. If you pay attention to the game’s rules when you play, you’ll often find a warning saying that a system error will void all payments. This is a unique case, but that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. There’s a reason why the casino makes sure they give you a clear warning about it.

You Haven’t Provided Your ID

Casinos are required to check your identity and ensure it’s legal for you to gamble. The casino will not pay out your casino winnings if you haven’t provided documents confirming your identity.

Gambling Intercept Payment System

You might wonder why online casinos need to verify your ID and your legal age. The second reason is to ensure you don’t owe any money to the state (e.g., child support, have a monetary judgment against you, etc.) This situation will make your name appear on the Gambling Intercept Payment System that holds your winnings to pay what you owe.

The Casino Thinks You Are Cheating

When you’ve won several times, and suddenly you’re lucky enough to win the jackpot, the casino might see your luck as foul play. This is known to happen on occasion, both in land-based casinos and online casinos.

If you honestly didn’t cheat when you hit the jackpot, we strongly recommend you always gather any and all proof of your winnings. If the casino is licensed, you can submit a complaint to the gambling authority that issued the license. They can usually help you get what the casino is supposed to pay.

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What You Can Do if Online Casinos Refuse to Pay

Being careful is essential when you play in any online casino. No matter how many times you’ve played at your favourite online address or even won there, make it a priority to keep yourself safe.

Take Screenshots

Whether the casino is likely to pay your casino winnings or not, always take a screenshot after you win big. If the casino refuses, they’ll usually give you a notification of the reason why you can’t cash out. We advise that you capture your account fund and the messages you receive when you request a withdrawal.

Contact the Casino’s Customer Support

It might be uncomfortable for you to ask the casino directly, but there still could be some possibilities that you did something wrong that voided your winnings. We know that terms and conditions are essential, but we can’t lie that it can get annoying to read every word in it.

Maybe you accidentally created duplicate accounts or used a credit card under a different name. There’s also a chance you still have an active bonus in your account, which wagering requirements you haven’t met. Using a VPN or gambling from a country where it’s illegal to gamble can also void your winnings. If this is why your gambling platform of choice doesn’t pay your casino winnings, unfortunately, you can’t do anything against the casino.

If you have thoroughly checked everything and followed the terms and conditions, you can ask customer support for their complaint policy. Follow the policy and contact the proper authority.

Final Words

Gambling is risky, so being careful is necessary. Do thorough research before you choose an online casino and deposit your money. That way, you can avoid unfair treatment in the future and have your money right where you can see it – in your wallet.



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