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Best AmazonPay Casinos 2024

Amazon, with its 28-year history in e-commerce, launched Amazon Pay in 2007, quickly dominating the online payments and online gambling sector. Today, millions worldwide use Amazon Pay which has notably become a favoured payment method is, unfortunately, unavailable at online casinos due to several factors like Amazon’s Acceptable Use Policy which explicitly prohibits the use of Amazon Pay for gambling transactions and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s issued warnings about the use of Amazon Pay for gambling.

If you find a gambling website that claims to accept Amazon Pay, it is likely not operating legally in the UK. It’s important to only use trusted and regulated gambling operators that offer secure and legal payment methods. We are, at this time, not offering any AmazonPay casinos as AmazonPay isn’t welcome in the UK for gambling purposes.

What is an Amazon Pay Casino?

An Amazon Pay casino is an online casino that accepts Amazon Pay as a payment method.

In the UK, there are currently no AmazonPay casinos as Amazon Pay is a no-go for UK gambling. Their policy forbids it, and UK regulations only allow licensed payment methods, which Amazon Pay isn’t for gambling. Even the UK’s financial regulator warns against it due to weak consumer protections compared to other options. So, stick to licensed payment methods when gambling in the UK to stay safe and legal.

In the countries where Amazon Pay casinos do have a presence, they offer several advantages over other payment methods, including:

  • Convenience: You can use your Amazon account to deposit and withdraw money from your casino account with just a few clicks.
  • Security: Amazon Pay uses the latest security measures to protect your financial information.
  • Speed: Amazon Pay deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly, so you can start playing your favourite casino games right away.

A reminder: you cannot use AmazonPay for online gambling in the UK.

Pros and Cons of AmazonPay Casinos

Amazon Pay casinos are becoming increasingly popular around the globe due to their convenience, security, and speed. No matter how great of a payment method AmazonPay is, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before choosing Amazon Pay as your payment option.

  • Thumbs-Up Safe and secure
  • Thumbs-Up Worldwide convenience of use
  • Thumbs-Up No transaction fees at online casinos
  • Thumbs-Up Payment details aren’t revealed to the casino or any third party
  • Thumbs-Up Supports multiple currencies
  • Thumbs-Up Exclusive bonuses
  • Thumbs-Down Unavailable in the UK for online gambling
  • Thumbs-Down Gambling transactions leave a record on your Amazon account
  • Thumbs-Down Long withdrawal time of 2-5 days
  • Thumbs-Down Country restrictions

How to Make a Casino Deposit With Amazon Pay?

Since gambling with AmazonPay isn’t supported in the UK, you won’t have a way to make a casino deposit with this payment method. In general terms, depositing with AmazonPay is simple:

  1. Choose an online casino and locate the Amazon Pay option. Proceed if the option is available.
  2. Register yourself with the casino.
  3. Go to the ‘Deposit’ section and deposit the amount in your account. Do this by selecting Amazon Pay as the payment method.
  4. Follow the prompts and save the payment details for future transactions.
  5. Enter the passcode and approve the transaction.

A message indicating a successful deposit will show up on the screen. Before proceeding, remember that you must have an Amazon account to transact with Amazon Pay. Registering to Amazon doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Amazon Pay Casinos Deposit Fee

Amazon Pay alone doesn’t charge any fees over and above the deposit amount. Even so, Amazon Pay casinos or your bank may charge a fee on deposits, so check beforehand to avoid charges. If your chosen Amazon Pay casino charges a fee, it will be a small percentage of the deposit amount or a fixed commission rate or a fixed commission rate. AmazonPay isn’t accepted in the UK for online gambling.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is not currently licensed by the UKGC for gambling transactions. So, to withdraw money using Amazon Pay, you’ll find that such action is impossible if you are gambling at a UKGC-regulated casino. For the purpose of the process itself (should you gamble in some other country), here’s how to use Amazon Pay for withdrawals:

  1. Log in to your casino account and go to the “Payment” section.
  2. Select the “Withdraw” option.
  3. Select Amazon Pay from the list of withdrawal options and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. If your Amazon Pay account information is already saved, approve it to get the withdrawal amount in your account.
  5. Alternatively, type in your Amazon Pay credentials and approve the withdrawal.

Withdrawals are not instant; it takes 2-5 business days for the withdrawal amount to get credited to your account.

Amazon Pay Payout Fees

Amazon Pay payout fees vary depending on the country the payout is being made in. In the United Kingdom, you cannot gamble using AmazonPay and therefore won’t find information about fees.

Amazon Pay Online Casinos Withdrawal Time

The standard waiting period for Amazon Pay withdrawals is 2-5 business days. If you are gambling in the UK, Amazon Pay withdrawal time won’t matter as you cannot use it in the country.

How to Setup an Amazon Pay Account?

To use Amazon Pay, you will need to have an Amazon account. Follow the simple steps below to get yourself an Amazon account:

  1. Open the Amazon app or visit their official website.
  2. Click on “Create a new Amazon account”.
  3. Enter a username.
  4. Enter your mobile number and email address.
  5. Choose a password.
  6. Click on “Continue”.
  7. You will be redirected to a new page, where you will have to enter a six-digit one-time password, and you are done.

Your Amazon Pay account will be created and ready for use at online casinos (and other merchants) within minutes. If you want to connect your bank account with Amazon Pay, provide your bank account number and follow the prompts.

Why Choose Amazon Pay Online Casinos?

We do not recommend using Amazon Pay for online gambling in the UK nor playing at the casinos supporting it as that means those casinos are not regulated in the UK. Amazon’s policy prohibits gambling transactions, and the UK Gambling Commission doesn’t recognise it as a licensed payment method for gambling. The FCA raises concerns about its lack of consumer protection compared to traditional methods as well.

Casinos offering Amazon Pay for online gambling likely operate outside the UKGC’s regulatory framework, potentially exposing players to risks and undermining consumer safeguards. For a secure and responsible gambling experience, choose licensed payment methods and UKGC-approved casinos.

Here are AmazonPay alternatives for gambling in the UK:

AmazonPay Alternatives

  • Check Icon Fast transactions
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon Super-secure
  • Check Icon Fast Payments
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon Fast Payments
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Suitable for mobile
  • Check Icon Withdrawal Time: 24 hours
  • Check Icon Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon Established: 2010
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: Depends
  • Check Icon Established: 2009
  • Check Icon Anonymous transactions
  • Check Icon Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: Depends
  • Check Icon Established: 2013
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: 2%
  • Check Icon Established: 2000
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon High monthly withdrawal limit
  • Check Icon Easy to use
  • Check Icon Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon Small Minimum Deposit
  • Check Icon Instant deposits
  • Check Icon Fast Withdrawals
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Instant Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Check Icon 24/7 Support
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Small Minimum Deposit
  • Check Icon Easy payments
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: Depends
  • Check Icon Established: 2012
  • Check Icon Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon Deposit Fee: Depends
  • Check Icon Established: 2011
  • Check Icon Fast Payments
  • Check Icon Safe & secure
  • Check Icon Suitable for mobile

Amazon Pay Casinos FAQs

You asked, we answered. Here are the most common questions on Amazon Pay Casinos UK:

Yes, Amazon Pay works in the UK but it doesn’t offer the option of online gambling.

No, Amazon Pay is not available for gambling in the UK. Their policy prohibits it, and UK legislation only permits licenced payment methods, of which Amazon Pay is not. Even the UK’s financial regulator advises against it due to inadequate consumer protections in comparison to other solutions. To stay safe and legal, only use licenced payment methods when gambling in the UK.

Amazon Pay itself doesn’t directly block gambling sites. However, several factors indirectly limit its use for gambling in many jurisdictions. Firstly, Amazon’s own rules forbid gambling transactions. If you’re caught using it for this purpose, your account could be suspended or even terminated. Secondly, regulations in many regions like the UK are strict. Gambling operators can only use specific licensed payment methods, and Amazon Pay often doesn’t possess these special gambling licenses. This makes it a non-starter for many operators.


Financial authorities like the UK’s FCA have expressed concerns that Amazon Pay’s consumer protection doesn’t measure up to other options. This further discourages gambling operators from offering it as a payment method.

No UKGC-regulated casinos hold this payment method so you cannot play at any casino in the UK using Amazon Pay.

No, you cannot.



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