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Most Used Cards for Gambling UK

Popular, secure, and widely accepted, credit and debit cards are still the most commonly used banking method at online casinos. Both of these cards have a 16-digit number, an expiry date and an EMV chip. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, the three financial companies that founded this technology in 1994.

The difference between the two cards is the way that they allow you to spend money. With a debit card, you can only spend cash that is already in your current account, but a credit card allows you to borrow funds from the provider up to a set limit. In the PayGamble Cards section, you can find lots more information on using these payment methods and the types of cards available. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options.

💳 Access Extra Cash With a Credit Card

Wondering if you can use your credit card to gamble? Well, you can! Visa, AMEX, and Mastercard are popular with gamblers as they offer security and familiarity, and are almost universally accepted at US online casinos. It’s important to note that you can’t use credit cards at online casinos based in the UK, but you can use a prepaid Mastercard or debit card if you link one to your account. Regulation on credit card payments varies from country to country. To find out more, check the terms at individual houses or browse our comprehensive Guide to Credit Card Casinos.

💳 Avoid Overspending With a Debit Card

Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards are swift and secure deposit and withdrawal solutions at online casinos. The funds are debited from your account immediately, so you can avoid overspending. However, you should use a strong password to safeguard your casino membership as it provides a direct link to your bank account. We’ve created a helpful guide to the benefits of using debit cards, and brought together a list of all the casinos that accept them.

🔥 As of April 2020, the UK Gambling Commission has implemented restrictions on the use of credit cards for gambling purposes in the United Kingdom. The prohibition was implemented as a proactive measure to safeguard individuals from accruing debts associated with gambling and to foster a culture of responsible gaming.

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Most Popular E-Wallets in the UK for Gambling

An E-wallet, also known as a digital wallet, is a cutting-edge software-based platform designed to securely store customers’ payment details and passwords for a wide array of payment channels and sites. Utilising cutting-edge near-field communications technology and a state-of-the-art digital wallet, players can effortlessly and expeditiously conduct transactions with utmost convenience. An e-wallet serves as a versatile tool for online financial transactions while providing users with prepaid debit cards that allow them to gamble online.

E-wallets enable players to engage in a plethora of transactions, including P2P transfers, bank account transfers, credit card transfers, and much more. One of the key factors contributing to the immense popularity of e-wallets in the realm of online gaming is their base user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and ability to facilitate swift transactions.

What Are the Most Popular E-wallet Providers?

Of all the available e-wallets, PayPal is probably the most recognisable and the most widely used. It has a global reach, and over 200 million users are signed up to send and receive money, shop online and even withdraw cash from an ATM.

PayPal is closely followed in terms of popularity by Google Wallet, which also allows you to store your credit or debit cards and then spend your cash. Apple Pay and Android Pay are digital wallets linked to different types of smartphones. They allow you to make payments through your device in seconds without having to share any financial details.

Each service takes great care of your personal information and can be used to top up an online casino account. When you place a stake at a table game, play the slots, take part in tournaments, or try your luck at live dealer games, these services use NFC technology, an internet connection or a POS terminal to process your payment.

Aside from these key players, you can also opt for iDebit, Skrill, ecoPayz or Neteller. They also have an excellent reputation among gamblers. By checking in advance that an e-wallet is compatible with your needs and preferences, you’ll get the best out of your online gambling experience.

Condense Your Card Accounts With an E-wallet

Provided in the form of a financial app that’s installed on your smartphone or another digital gadget, e-wallets store your banking details and allow you to make secure payments with a few clicks. You can use them in most online casinos, and also on your local high street. If you need to make an international payment, solutions such as Skrill and Neteller are ideal, but PayPal is probably the best-known e-wallet. As they help you to avoid traditional banking services, e-wallets are fast and can provide more favourable exchange rates. Using an e-wallet can limit your access to some casino offers and bonuses, however, so always check the terms and conditions before you part with any cash.

    Best Mobile Payment for UK Gambling

    The vast majority of us have access to a smartphone, so it’s unsurprising that we often choose mobile pay as a convenient and secure payment option. Using a service such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can link your credit or debit card to your phone. This allows you to make payments even when you don’t have your cards with you. It’s a great option for anyone who gambles online because you can add funds or withdraw your winnings from wherever you are. Some mobile payment services have a pay limit of around £100 per day as a way of securing their users’ accounts.

    The popularity of mobile payments lies in the blend of convenience, speed, and security, but also the lack of fees and reasonable limits.

    Plenty of mobile wallets exist for both iOS and Android devices. They tend to score well for user-friendliness, too, since they make use of the very latest mobile technology and design techniques.

      Cryptocurrencies for Gambling in UK

      The gambling industry was one of the first sectors to widely adopt cryptocurrency, and you’ll see a variety of coins on offer. Cryptocurrency is only available in the digital world, so you won’t find physical versions of it that can be spent, such as coins or banknotes. Instead, cryptocurrency is based on a technology called a blockchain. This system records information relating to every transaction, making it almost impossible for cheats or hacks to take place.

      Some of the best-known cryptos are Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. All three have become acceptable methods of payment at casinos and are ideal for gamblers who want a secure and anonymous method of depositing or withdrawing funds. More and more gambling websites are compatible with crypto methods, so it’s worth taking a look at our cryptocurrencies section to find out more.

      One disadvantage of cryptocurrency payments is that they are often excluded from bonus offers. What’s more, they’re banned in certain countries.

        Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers for UK Gambling

        Wire transfers are a trustworthy and established payment method that allows you to send or receive money internationally. Paying money directly from your bank account to a casino is extremely convenient, using a secure system to transfer your funds, as per your instructions. Therefore, if you have a problem, it’s important to contact your bank for help.

        You can initiate a transaction online within minutes, confirm it, and the recipient will have access to the cash as soon as the process is complete. Bank transfers are useful for making deposits and withdrawals, but the entire transaction can take a few days. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, this is a good alternative that’s equally secure. However, if you are in a rush, you might need to look elsewhere; although gambling sites have always offered this facility via a traditional bank wire transfer, wire transfers can be a slow process.

        These days, however, a range of online banking options exist that greatly speed things up. Keep your eyes peeled for names like Instadebit, Zelle, iDebit, and others.

          Prepaid Cards for UK Gambling

          A prepaid card is an excellent deposit option for those looking to stay in control. It’s a useful tool in terms of responsible gambling because it is loaded with a fixed amount. Once that money is gone, there’s no way to add more funds to your account.

          We’ve put together the best list of prepaid cards that work for online gambling in the UK.

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          • Check Icon Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

          What Are the Safest Casino Payment Methods?

          If you’re a Brit who likes to gamble online, you should get familiar with the various deposit options offered by reputable casinos. In the United Kingdom, the most widely used methods of payment include debit cards, e-wallets (including PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller), bank transfers, and prepaid cards. Online casinos based in the UK generally support and accept these methods more than any others.

          For the most up-to-date information on deposit and withdrawal options accessible to UK players at your preferred online casino, be sure to go through the site’s terms and conditions.

          To help you understand casino payment methods better and learn how to choose the safest payment methods available in the UK, PayGamble experts put together this comprehensive guide answering most – if not – all of your questions.

            What Is Important When Selecting a Payment Method?

            There are several vital elements to consider when selecting a payment option for online gaming. Let’s quickly run through them now:

            • Safety. As we’ve already highlighted, rising financial fraud means that security is more important than ever.
            • Speed. We all want to start playing as quickly as possible and, if we’re lucky enough to win, we expect prompt payouts.
            • Convenience. Nobody likes a slow and clunky interface; simplicity is the key to a great user experience when making payments.
            • Limits. Certain banking options impose withdrawal and deposit limits for a given period of time.
            • Fees. While many casino payment options are free, some charge hefty processing fees.

            How to Choose the Best Payment Methods for an Online Casino?

            Now that you understand what to look for in your banking options, how do you actually find that information? Well, you can start by following the advice below!

            • Safety

            A great place to begin is with the casino’s gaming license. The best sites are authorized to operate by well-respected regulatory bodies. And the most trustworthy payment processors will only work with reputable, properly regulated casinos.

            Examples to look out for are the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. These apply some of the toughest regulations on the planet. If your casino falls under their jurisdiction, chances are they’ll be carrying out financial best practices.

            • Speed

            The majority of online casinos list their payment options on their website, along with useful information like processing speeds. That way, you can get an idea of how long your deposits and withdrawals will take before you even register.

            If they don’t offer such information, you can speak to customer service or simply sign up anyway. Most casino companies display the information on their cashier page, accessible to all registered casino account holders.

            • Convenience

            You often can’t tell how easy a casino’s cashier facility is to use until you actually try. But you can always do your research ahead of time by checking out gambling site reviews on the internet. If it’s not easy to transact, you can be sure that other players will be complaining!

            One thing you can easily check for yourself, though, is accessibility. Even if they don’t list full details of their payment options until you log in, you’ll see logos in the website footer. This gives you an indication of the banking methods you’ll have access to.

            • Limits

            This information will usually be listed on the same page of the casino’s website as the processing speed. If it’s not, the same advice applies. You can consult the live chat agents, send an email or simply sign up and log in to access the cashier.

            If you can’t find full details, a general minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal amount are usually listed in the Ts&Cs. In truth, most casino limits are fine for the average player. You only need to worry if you’re planning to move serious volumes of money around.

            • Fees

            Again, processing fees are likely to be listed on a dedicated payments section of the casino’s website. And if not, you can search through the site’s terms and conditions or have a chat with the customer support team.

            Watch out, though, because while most casinos don’t charge fees, the payment processor itself still could. Be sure to check the website of your preferred banking option as well to make sure.

            How to Stay Safe When Playing at an Online Casino

            Before you settle down to play your favorite casino games, make sure you read our top tips for staying safe online.

            • Use a secure payment method

            With no shortage of trustworthy, reputable payment options, there’s really no excuse for taking a risk. Properly regulated casinos will always work with major names like Visa, Mastercard, Interac, or PayPal. They have a long history of implementing the latest technology to keep you safe.

            • Double-check the casino’s T&C

            Read the terms and conditions properly to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises in store. You may not be allowed to request a withdrawal until you’ve completed your deposit bonus wagering requirements, for example. Also, make sure that reputable bodies like eCOGRA or iTech Labs have independently tested the games and payment gateways.

            • Use a strong password

            The most obvious way to keep your funds and sensitive data safe is to make sure you’re using a secure password. Include numbers, letters, special symbols and apply a mixture of upper and lower case text.

            • Use two-factor authentication

            Enabling 2FA adds an extra step to the login process, making it harder for would-be scammers to access your account. An SMS may be sent to your mobile device containing a code, or it might be an email.

            • Don’t reveal your personal information to anyone

            Identity fraud is a growing problem, so ensure that you don’t hand out your personal details willy-nilly. Keep sensitive information off the web, particularly social media. Don’t give out your details over the phone unless you’re sure that who you’re talking to is genuine.

            Safest Casino Payment Methods FAQ 🔒

            Got more questions? We’re here to answer them! In addition to our FAQ, be free to drop us a line at .

            At PayGamble, we aim to list and provide information about every payment method used in connection with online gambling. If there is a payment method that you’d like to get more information on, and which isn’t currently listed on the site, you know what to do.

            Finding the best online casino deposit or withdrawal method depends on various factors, including which country the player is based in, what kind of games they like to play, and what style of play they have. PayGamble aims to help every casino game player and bettor find the best gambling payment option for their specific requirements.

            It depends on what payment method you choose to make your deposit. Crypto deposits typically happen instantly. E-wallet deposits can happen instantly or within a couple of hours. Deposits made using credit cards or debit cards can take a working day or two, while deposits made using a bank transfer can take several days. Casinos typically list time estimates on the site that indicate how long you can expect to wait for the deposit to arrive in your account.

            Most online casinos require two documents to allow you to make a deposit – proof of address and a document identifying you as the person that you say you are. In some cases, you may have to prove that you are the owner of the payment method that you are using for deposits and withdrawals.

            Always go for a casino payment method that agrees with your gambling preferences, the speed of transfer you expect to get, the payment method that provides the most security, and one compatible with your location.

            After a thorough inspection, we found that all of the payment options featured on PayGamble are trustworthy and secure, daily recording hundreds of thousands of happy users. Most of the payment methods we suggest use one-time passwords (OTPs) and transaction codes to complete a purchase.

            Your withdrawal times will depend on the payment method and the casino you are playing at.

            Although alternative payment methods, such as credit/debit card withdrawals, may take a few days or even less than a day, e-wallet transactions are typically completed quickly. Bank transfers have been shown to last the longest.

            If you want to play casino slots, table games like roulette and blackjack, or even online poker, it’s not that you’ll have the option not to, but you’ll need to deposit real money.

            Financial cyber crimes are more common than ever. In 2022, global e-commerce losses to payment fraud stood at a massive $41 billion. So it’s clearly important to be vigilant.

            Online gambling has no physical borders, and no matter which country in the world you’re in, it’s possible to play. However, you can certainly be limited by local laws, which might restrict certain payment methods. Additionally, some processing options that are preferred in one region may not even exist in another.

            Another geographical factor is the range of currencies available. There could potentially be a currency conversion fee for playing at an offshore casino, for instance. So yes, it’s fair to say that your physical location plays an important role in choosing the right casino payment method.

            The true advantage of this method lies in the fact that a casino can process a withdrawal from an e-wallet much more quickly than a debit card. Additionally, using a mobile device with a linked e-wallet is incredibly convenient.

            Credit cards are not accepted everywhere; for instance, the United Kingdom has outlawed the use of credit cards in online casinos in an effort to reduce gambling addiction. Nonetheless, players can still use them at casinos, just not on Gamstop.

            This is typically restricted since casino operators are required to prevent money laundering on their sites. You should thus use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals. In extreme cases, an online casino will naturally permit a different withdrawal method. For instance, if you have lost your debit card, you may be able to process funds via bank transfer.

            E – wallets are typically the quickest payment method. They are meant for instant internet use and are therefore optimised for rapid payment methods. Yet, credit and debit cards can also compete with e-wallets, depending on your service provider.

            Generally, winnings are refunded by the same method used to deposit funds. But, if you used a credit card, you may only receive the amount you initially placed and be required to utilise an alternate payment method. Debit cards and electronic wallets are often the most common methods for receiving wins.

            While many individuals want to win money through online gambling and play responsibly, it can become problematic for some. Substance abuse can have negative social and financial effects. Licensed and regulated operators promote responsible gambling through organisations like GamCare UK and offer a variety of self-help tools to help players maintain control over their gambling.

            Slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are among the most well-liked real-money online casino games with fast payouts. However, all online casino games for real money offer winning opportunities. Ensure that you play at a UK-licensed online casino and wager your balance so that any winnings can be withdrawn as cash.

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