Do Casinos Pay Out More at the End of the Month?

It’s not uncommon to think that the casino Gods look favourably upon you around the end of the month. However, the idea that casinos pay out more at the end of the month is in fact, a myth. This myth is unfortunately prominent in gambling circles.

You’ll come across others that suggest that certain hours, weekends, or even Mondays have more favourable payouts than other times.

The House Always Wins

Now, let’s start by clearing things up – in the long term, the house always wins. This does not happen because the systems are rigged, especially when dealing with a regulated and licensed casino.

It means that casinos have a house-edge advantage in each game they provide. It may vary depending on the game, but the most likely result is that the more you play, the greater your chances of losing more money.

Do Casinos Change Their Gaming Systems at Different Times of the Month?

We know that casinos are established to make money. So, do they change payouts at different times to encourage you to play more?

Regulated casinos must adhere to regulations that limit the payback returns they can get from slot machines. Failure to adhere to these regulations may lead to online casinos losing their gaming license and, consequently, their business. In addition, casinos are expected to provide weekly and monthly reports on their payout returns and compliance efforts.

The idea that a casino’s payout may be influenced by their desire to encourage you to spend more right around the time you receive your paycheck is, of course, false. In reality, casinos hardly change their slots during the day or at any time of the month.

Why Do I Win More at the End of the Month?

Casino payouts vary depending on both the establishment and the game. Something else that varies is the probability of winning in each game combination. Sometimes, you may be on a roll when playing and find yourself winning more than you are losing. Such wins will likely lead you to believe that certain times of the day/week/month are ideal for gaming.

However, other factors may influence how often casinos payout, but it has nothing to do with the time of the month. They include:

High Casino Traffic

Each casino has a varied jackpot frequency. When more people visit the casinos, they play more spins, increasing the probability of more jackpots. Despite this increase in traffic, the casino has not changed its machines or jackpot frequency – but it might appear so from the outside looking in.

During high-traffic times, you are also more likely to notice more people winning, which creates the illusion that casinos allow more wins when more people visit. The truth is, however, that each player still has the same odds of winning as they had a week ago.

The only difference is that the casino is more charged with a larger crowd, and its vibrancy may lead to the illusion that more people are winning big.

Personal Factors

There are different casino players – those that prefer paying in a relaxed atmosphere and those that love playing in crowded casinos. Some people feel luckier when they see others winning, which may feed into the fallacy that they do better at certain times of the month.

Others will feel luckier playing in a slow casino with fewer players. Their relaxed state makes them feel luckier.

What’s the Best to Visit a Casino?

The best time to play is purely a personal matter. Your chances of winning at a game do not change, whether it’s the 31st or 10th of the month. Your chances in a particular game remain the same throughout the month, regardless of what your hunch or other gambling fallacies tell you.

The best you can do is identify the best times when you prefer to be at a casino and play them. Otherwise, the notion that casinos pay better at the end of the month/weekends/after 6 pm/Monday remains a fallacy.

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