How do Reward Programs Work With Casino Card Payments?

It’s estimated that 70% of all casino players in the US participate in various loyalty programs. These schemes can give you some great perks, but they are also valuable to your casino. They give them a tool to track your every move while you’re on their venue’s floor.

Long gone are the days when casinos relied on free coffee and watered-down drinks to retain players and get them to spend more. But how do these reward programs use the data they collect on players, and is this anything to be worried about?

What is a Casino Reward Program?

The majority of land-based casinos will offer some loyalty programs. These are mastermind marketing schemes which promise many great things to players. Smaller casinos may offer allocated parking whilst larger establishments can include huge discounts on holidays, upgraded flight seats and invite to prestigious VIP events.

These reward programs are key to any casino’s success, and they do a pretty good job attracting new players and retaining existing ones.

To get your reward program card, you’ll often have to hand over your name, email address etc. You’ll also need to sign to say you accept the casino’s privacy policy. This will explain how the organisation will use your data.

How do Casinos use Reward Program Data?

Your rewards card can feedback all sorts of information, including what you are drinking and when. What you are playing, when you are playing, and the types of bets you make. It can also let the casino know your favourite food, where you went on vacation, and which room you stayed in. Anything you swipe your loyalty card for will generate useful data for the marketing team.

The good news is that this data isn’t used for suspicious means. Some players are under the illusion that the casino can track their credit card payments. This is nonsense; the venue will have access to your casino account and can see your deposits and withdrawals.

But this level of tracking stops once you leave the casino. The reward card’s data is used to enhance your experience at the casino. It’s used for your benefit and allows the marketing team to prepare bonuses and promos they believe you’ll be interested in.

Is This a Safety Concern?

If you’re concerned about how your data is used, always check the terms of the privacy agreement you sign with your casino, even those online you can find on PayGamble. Everything needs to be detailed clearly for consumers to understand.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of this, then you are under no obligation to sign up with the program. If you consider how easily we hand over our data to social media, which is then used for marketing, casinos aren’t doing anything different.

Most reward programs will not require you to share your credit card information. So in case of a potential hack, your financial data will not be available to fraudsters. Don’t forget that you’ll appear on the CCTV whenever you enter a casino.

These cameras keep an eye on staff and players who might be cheating. Even if you opt out of the rewards program, you’ll still be caught on surveillance cameras.

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