Can Online Casinos Refuse To Payout The Winnings?

Anyone who enjoys playing online casino games expects to win or lose. In case of a win, there’s a chance to walk away with a mega jackpot. But have you ever thought about a situation when the casino may refuse to payout your winnings?

Well, it is possible. The casino may refuse to payout your winnings for various reasons. Read on and discover why this may happen.

Violating Terms and Conditions

Each online casino has terms and conditions that players must adhere to. Failing to comply with the casino’s terms and conditions could lead the casino to refuse to payout your winnings.

A good example is the wagering requirements that come with bonuses. These stipulate how often you must play through the bonus before you can turn it into withdrawable cash. Every casino has wagering requirements that players must comply with.

Players must always read the terms and conditions before playing at any online casino to avoid these kinds of issues from occurring.

Opening Multiple Accounts

All online casinos allow a player to open only one account. There’s no excuse, even if players forget their account details and create a new account. Some players create multiple accounts to try to take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

If the casino detects that you have multiple accounts, it can refuse to payout, i.e., refuse to allow you to withdraw your winnings and close your accounts. If you have an issue accessing your account, you should contact customer support instead of just creating a new account.

Submitting Wrong KYC Documents

Online casinos often request that you submit some Know Your Customer (KYC) documents to verify your identity.

This usually happens when attempting to withdraw vast sums of money. Although the casino has the discretion to request KYC documents at any time, the casino may request that you submit verification documents, including:

  • Identification documents like a passport, a national ID, or a driver’s license
  • Proof of address documents, such as a utility bill
  • Payment verification details, including a bank account or a credit card

Detecting That You’re Using a VPN

Some online casinos are available only in certain locations. However, some players have found that they can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide their location and play at these casinos.

However, there’s a risk in using a VPN because if the casino finds out, it could show that you’re playing from a restricted location, which is against the terms and conditions. And as we said, violating a casino’s terms and conditions is a strong reason why they may withhold your winnings.

Providing Wrong Payment Details

You must give the correct payment details when creating your account. Doing this eliminates any future payment issues that may arise when withdrawing your winnings. You must double-check to be sure that you enter the correct payment details.

Equally important is ensuring that your payment details are in your name. This is one reason the casino may request KYC documents to verify your identity. Offering correct payment details makes withdrawing easier.

Playing at a Rogue Casino

Online casinos are not all made the same. To stay safe, you must ensure that you’re playing at one of PayGamble’s casinos. Playing at unverified casinos brings a risk of not being able to withdraw your payouts.

Some online casinos are operated by scammers who aim to collect your personal details. Playing at an online casino without verifying its authenticity puts you at risk of not receiving your payouts, or worse. Always read reviews from other players before you play at any casino to ensure that you’ll be safe and can receive your winnings.


Online casinos can refuse to payout your winnings if you go against their terms and conditions or enter the wrong KYC or payment details. Playing at PayGamble’s casinos and ensuring correct documents offers peace of mind that you’ll be able to withdraw all your earnings.



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