How do Casinos Keep Your Financial Information Safe?

It can be easy to get drawn to an online casino that promises big bonuses, great games and big wins. There are so many gambling platforms that you can be overwhelmed with choices these days. And sometimes, your judgement might be clouded by these generous offers. Whilst a casino might be all singing and dancing, it’s important to know how they keep your financial info safe, and we know it at PayGamble.

Online casinos are pretty much the same as online shops and service providers. You’ll be required to make payments over the net, and if you’ve been lucky, your account could hold a large amount of cash. Let’s take an in-depth look at how these sites can protect you and useful tips to help you choose a safe online casino.

Gambling Licensing

Online casinos should have a gambling licence, and this information should be easy to find. The licence number and issuing authority must be displayed, often including a link to view the actual licence. There are some less credible licences available out there. There are also many casinos which operate without any licence at all. Choosing a casino with a strong license will help safeguard your financial information. These types of platforms are regularly audited for safety, privacy and security.

Terms and Conditions

Online casinos should have a duty of care to keep your data safe. And you’ll be able to view your chosen platform’s stance on this in its terms and conditions. These should be available to view, and it’s also a good idea to check out the privacy policy. This will let you know how your information will be kept safe and how your data could be shared.

Safe Connections

Online casinos can make use of various additional security layers. Many opt for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which can either be 128 or 256-bit. These layers will encrypt any personal or financial data into unbreakable codes, making it impossible for hackers to get access.

Banks also use SSL when you are carrying out your online banking. It’s easy to spot if your online casino uses SSL, it’ll either be mentioned in the security policy, or you can check in the URL. You should be able to see a small padlock in the search bar.

This will guarantee that you are playing on a secure network. Some casinos may go one step further by offering 2FA authentication, which will generate a new login code every few minutes. This means that no one but you can get access to your account and financial info. If you prefer to play on a mobile app, it’s worth checking if you can enable fingerprint ID to secure your logins further.

Barrier Security

Online casinos can also use firewalls and anti-virus software. These operate in the same way as they would on your home laptop. They protect the casinos’ networks from hackers by acting as a barrier. Whilst anti-virus software can be implemented to prevent malware attacks, fraudsters could obtain players’ financial details.

Compliant Payment Processing

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is another tool which can be used to keep financial info safe. Wherever you see this logo, you can guarantee your credit card casino payments are handled safely and securely, and all of the data sent and received by the casino is stored correctly during each transaction.

Any casino that offers PCI-compliant payments must meet very strict regulations to guard against breaches.



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