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Best NodaPay Casinos 2024

Payment methods like NodaPay provide players with the solution to enjoy frictionless gambling when there is a demand for quick transactions across online casinos. It gives players the capacity to use the internet to accomplish fast and straightforward banking.

Although this payment method is relatively new and only accessible in a restricted number of casinos, it is predicted soon to become a leader in the online gambling sector. With all its features, it won’t be very long before it reaches this point.

NodaPay is quickly becoming one of the gamblers’ first choices due to its reliability and seamless and quick use.

About NodaPay

NodaPay is an open banking solution for online services that is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. A fast alternative to classic card schemes, NodaPay transfers funds from A to B within minutes, allowing you to receive direct bank payments from e-customers through Open Banking. With NodaPay, you can accept payments online and receive direct bank payments instantly via the NodaPay smart button.

Safety & Security

NAUDAPAY LIMITED, the company that developed the payment method, is regulated and supervised by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Directive, so users can be at ease that their sensitive data will be managed with the utmost care and security.

All transactions are encrypted with 256-bit technology, the same standard used by banks, so your personal information is safe at all times.

Currently, the online casino payment solution is available to UK and EU citizens from various European countries, but the company plans to expand its services to Australia, Canada, and the ASEAN region in the next year. NAUDAPAY LIMITED has offices in Nicosia, Riga, Madrid, and Prienu, and they employ personnel who are available 24/7 to supply clients with the best service.

What Kind of Service Does NodaPay Offer?

The solution allows you to bypass the middleman and make the payment instantly using either your bank account or a credit card. Having an account at one of the many banks that provide its services is all that is required to get started.

In October of that same year, the company began conducting private beta tests of its new open banking payments system. It has connected 10 nations by June 2021, 90% of UK and EU bank users by May 2022, and new products and reseller programmes were introduced.

Over 500 financial institutions, including UBS, Santander, Deutsche Bank, and Revolut, now rely on the service.

NodaPay is quickly becoming a favored payment platform for online casino operators due to its rapid integration (it takes no longer than 15 minutes for its integration), customizability with helpful tools, account safety, and straightforward user interface. It is also popular among gamblers because of its simple usage.

Pros and Cons of NodaPay Casinos

Before you go ahead and proclaim NodaPay the one and only of your casino payment choices, take a look at its current pros and cons we’ve listed below:

  • Thumbs-Up Compatible with over 500 banks
  • Thumbs-Up Suitable for deposits and withdrawals
  • Thumbs-Up No transaction fees
  • Thumbs-Up Operative without registering a NodaPay account
  • Thumbs-Down Still doesn't feature at many casinos
  • Thumbs-Down Bank details must be entered

How to Start NodaPay

NodaPay is very easy to use, and all you need to get started is a bank account with one of the more than 500 banks that have put their trust in it to give users the smoothest transactions. With this solution, you won’t even need to make an account. You’d choose it as your payment method and let it handle the rest.

So long as the casino has integrated it, it will offer direct payment on its website or app. To make a deposit, you must enter your bank account or credit card information in the field provided. The casino will have to register an account with the solution first, so unless you see the solution being offered by the casino, you can’t expect it to be able to accept payments with it.

If the casino is doing everything right, you only need a bank account and money to add funds to your online casino balance. Next, let’s look at how to do that.

How to Deposit at NodaPay Online Casinos

Since NodaPay is still a relatively new player on the market, don’t count on finding it at dozens or even hundreds of online casinos. But a good number of casinos already provide it, so if you merely search for one, you’ll quickly locate a site you’d like to join that has integrated with it.

Once you discover a casino that accepts it, create an account there. Then, to deposit it, carry out the following:

  • Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Payments page.
  • Find NodaPay’s logo from the offered methods list and press it.
  • In the appointed field, enter your bank account/card details.
  • Specify the amount you’d want to deposit and confirm the transaction.
  • The deposit will arrive on your balance within seconds.

In the United Kingdom, NodaPay ranks high for games like baccarat, craps, keno, lottery, sports betting, horse racing, sic bo, pai gow, and three-card poker.

How to Withdraw at NodaPay Casinos

With this method, you can also withdraw money, and the procedure is the same. You would have to select the option as your withdrawal method and ask for a certain sum of money to be paid to your card or bank account.

After verifying that the request is legitimate and that you have won the amount claimed, the casino will approve the transaction and transfer your winnings to the appropriate bank account card.

NodaPay Fees

NodaPay doesn’t charge any transaction fees to its users. The casino operator that provides this service may incur minimal fees due to doing so, but these costs are so low that numerous casinos now provide this solution.

You, the player, may rest assured that the service’s deposit and withdrawal options come with no hidden transaction fees.

NodaPay Accepted & Restricted Countries

As we’ve already mentioned, when NodaPay first went live, it was available exclusively in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The company behind it, nevertheless, has announced plans for global expansion, namely targeting Canada, Australia, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). As a result, the solution is not yet global, but it intends to expand internationally over the next year.

At this time, you will primarily find NodaPay in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium
  • Estonia
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • France
  • Hungary

Other countries that offer NodaPay are Luxembourg, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Romania.

NodaPay Supported Currencies

Over 500 trusted banks are currently offering NodaPay. However, since this is a European and British-focused solution, the Euro and the British pound sterling are two currencies you can use to make transactions. At least for the time being.

Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Vietnamese dong, Singapore dollars, Thai baht, Philippine peso, and Cambodian riel, to mention a few, will likely be added to the list within the next year or two since the solution is about to spread to Canada, Australia, and ASEAN.

NodaPay Customer Service & Support Options

There is some helpful information about NodaPay on the company’s website, but it is geared more toward retailers considering adopting the service and less toward you, the client. So, when you go to the “Contact Us” page, you will see a contact form for the vendors, which in our case, are the casinos.

You’ll also find a tab called “Get Support,” where you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and how the Customer Support team has answered them. You can also talk to its Support staff through Telegram, Skype, and email.

NodaPay Final Thoughts

NodaPay is a simple, powerful, easy-to-use API that features superb transaction speed, has low commissions, and provides an optimum payment success rate.

Noda Pay is growing more and more popular among gamblers, gamers, and business people since it eliminates the need to sign up for yet another login and password combination. Plus, it makes online purchases and deposits clean and straightforward! Although it currently doesn’t cover too many casinos, we believe NodaPay will soon become the it payment method in the online casino world.

NodaPay Casinos FAQs

Let’s answer some of the latest questions related to NodaPay Casinos and NodaPay as a payment method:

If you want to know right off the bat if a casino accepts NodaPay, look at its webpage. You can feel confident to use it if its logo appears among those for other accepted payment methods. Or, you can always explore the casino’s Payments/Banking Methods page to look it up there.

Unfortunately, it isn’t. The official website is only available in English, despite the solution catering to people who speak other languages. We expect this to change in the future.

We cannot say for certain what the number of casinos that offer is. When this review was published, around a dozen websites covered it. However, we expect this number to change and grow.

No, unfortunately not. It is clear that the approach works because of the banking infrastructure of more than 500 institutions. You can’t use cryptocurrency since cryptocurrencies are decentralised, and banks can’t process them.

Yes, you can use NodaPay on your mobile. The solution is available across all devices, be it Windows, iOS or Android devices, allowing you to make transactions easily in just a few steps.

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